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Cycling Magnetic Light

Rs 1700 Rs 1480

Multifunction free expansion headband type-c charging five gear light source adjustable telescope head lamp

Detailed Description

It sounds like you're describing a versatile headlamp with multiple functions! This headlamp appears to have several features:

  1. Multifunction: It likely serves various purposes beyond just providing light, perhaps including different lighting modes or additional tools/functions.
  2. Free expansion headband: The headband may be adjustable and expandable to fit different head sizes comfortably.
  3. Type-C charging: It uses a Type-C USB port for charging, which is a convenient and widely used charging standard.
  4. Five gear light source adjustable: This suggests that the headlamp has different brightness levels or light modes that can be adjusted to suit different needs or preferences.
  5. Telescope headlamp: This could mean that the headlamp has a telescopic feature, allowing you to adjust the angle or focus of the light beam.

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